We're a concept store focusing on fixed gear and single speed bikes. Realizing that cycling has grown from a means of basic transportation into a lifestyle, we're here to customize your bike the old-school way, creating relationships with each of our riders and building a sense of community, while providing you the goods you need to be the fastest cyclist with style.

We also build custom motorcycles in a classic and timeless design by the best bike builders in the business. 
The store was launched in April 2010 and is only getting stronger.
Find us on Lot 14, SCBD, Bengkel Basement, in Sudirman, Jakarta.

Our mission is surprisingly noble, we can envision the long-term goal of a cleaner Jakarta where the fixie lifestyle has become a culture in itself; environmentally friendly and inherently cool.

We carry high quality fixed gear brands such asLeader, Cinelli, Dolan, Pake, Affinity, GOrilla, Dodici, Bern, HED, Phil Wood, San Marco, Star Fuckers, SAG, Velocity, Nitto, Oury, Miche, Vittoria, Soma, Sugino, Panaracer, Izumi, Shimano, Dia Compe, Izumi and Sunlite.

We collaborate with Veroland from Kick Ass Choppers and Deus ex Machina from Australia in creating our custom motorcycles.